Seymor® Bus Object Detection Keeps Your
Buses Safe and Your Passengers Secure

Gives Bus Operators an Extra Set of Eyes 

Blind spots represent a serious safety challenge for even the most skilled and careful bus operator, especially during close-proximity maneuvers and lane changes.

Clever Devices Seymor™ bus object detection is designed specifically for transit vehicles. The ultrasonic system uses continuously pulsing sonar technology to detect unseen objects around the bus and to alert the operator to potential hazards through an easily understood system of coded lights. In SmartBuses equipped with Seymor technology, operators have an extra set of eyes to help them “see more” and avoid objects in blind spots.

Key Features:

  • Ultrasonic object detection
  • Coded-light alerts
  • Turn-signal-activated lane-changing aid
  • Close maneuvering aid feature (triggered by slow speed operations)
  • Plug-and-play installation (as easy as installing a marker light)
  • Maintenance-free construction
  • Qualifies for federal funds on bus procurements

Improve Your Safety Record and Reduce Costly Claims

Seymor is a proven technology solution for transit agencies with an uncompromising commitment to safety, that are looking to reduce accidents and associated costs, to help their bus operators become safer drivers, and to make their operations more efficient.

Transit agencies across the country are deploying Seymor object detection to augment the normally safe driving habits of their operators. The result is fewer accidents ...and fewer claims. In a state-sponsored, independent evaluation on a test group of 100 buses, Seymor lowered the claims cost per bus by more than 85 percent.