Passenger Information is the delivering of real-time information to people who are planning their travel, waiting for an arriving vehicle or already onboard.  Accurate and reliable passenger information is critical to increasing mass transport ridership and has a positive economic effect on a city by reducing lost productivity and personal time.

Clever Devices provides real-time passenger information via the internet (using computers or smart phones), which allows people to access the predicted arrival time of the transit vehicle at their stop.  This information is also provided via displays at public places.  These displays can also provide information about service, weather or other matters of public interest.  Open data interfaces allow this information to be mixed with a storeowner's display or other systems.

Clever Devices also delivers this real-time information to passengers onboard the vehicle to advise them of upcoming stops using audible announcements and lighted signs inside the bus.  Audible announcements outside the bus also inform waiting passengers when the bus arrives at a stop.  This information improves accessibility for people with disabilities, while providing important en route information for all riders, especially commuters or tourists who may not be familiar with the bus system.

Real-time Bus Arrival Information

Communicate with your customers, and give them the information that will help them choose mass transit every time.

Bus Stop Announcements

Increase access to service with automatic announcements onboard the bus at the bus stop and on a mobile device.


Communicates real-time stop information, delays, newsfeeds, weather, and local/national advertisements so all passengers stay updated while they travel.