Clever Devices hosted its first annual Hackathon on July 27, 2013, which was a huge success. Participants were challenged to create unique visualization techniques based on transit bus datasets. The winning team, winning the grand prize of $4,000, presented a virtual dashboard which showed the bus moving on a map with a with various instrument gauges. Visualizations from other teams included a unique spiral data representation model, a heat map of passenger counts and other data within the problem set, and an animated Google earth representation of the trip for a bus.

Congratulations to the winners of Clever Devices' 2013 Hackathon.

First Place
Michael Edgar
Joe Gilkey
Peter Girardin
Daniel Wu

Second Place
Stan Bogdanov
Vivian Bailey
Sazzat Parvez

Third Place
Willie Tsang
Randolph Espejo
Paul Cantonguay
Jack Conway